ABA Outpatient Therapy

Our clinic-based ABA therapy services offer an inviting environment for your child to learn and grow. Our programs are data-drive and goal oriented while still offering a fun environment. 

All therapy programs are 1:1 ratio, meaning a registered behavior technician will work directly with them each day.

Our Therapy Process

2. Complete a consultation with one of our managers. During this meeting, we will discuss your child's strengths and needs.

3. Authorize your insurance: Our staff will submit claims to your provider and handle all insurnace needs.

4. Complete an assessment: Scheudle your child's 1:1 assessment at our clinic in Anniston. We will observe your child in many play and social situations. We then begin to build a program specific to your child.

5. Start therapy: Therapy will begin on a schedule decided by your BCBA, your insurance, and yourself.